Complete Event Production Staffing

A critical part of the event production process is putting together a crew that will bring your event to life.

If you were to build your own event production crew, here are the basic steps you would have to take:

  • 1.
    Find and interview crew members.
  • 2.
    Negotiate rates of pay.
  • 3.
    Gather all legal Paperwork.
  • 4.
    Create crew call schedules.
  • 5.
    Keep track of crew hours and days.
  • 6.
    Process crew payroll.

The On Call Audio Visual Advantage

When you choose On Call AV, we do these steps for you, and MORE.

Building an Event Production crew takes time and effort. If you do it yourself, how will you know if you have a quality crew?

Why waste your valuable time, scrambling to find a qualified crew and all the details this includes?

On Call AV specializes in building quality production crews, at a fair and cost effective price.

More On Call AV Advantages

Crew Members are Experience Proven and Production Ready.

All Crew Members are Hired in Compliance with State and Federal Laws.

We carry full Workmen´s Compensation and Liability Insurance.

We have a roster of experienced crew members that are ready to help your event happen. Here are some examples:


Lighting Technicians

The importance of lighting in modern day event production cannot be underestimated. Having well qualified lighting technicians is essential for event success.

L1 - Lighting DirectorLighting Designer
Master ElectricianL1 - Lighting Assistant
Spot Light OperatorLED Wall Specialist

Audio Technicians

Making sure that attendees can clearly hear all performances and presenters is crucial in event production. These technicians help make this happen.

A1 - Audio EngineerA2 - Audio Assistant
Audio Stage HandsRadio Frequency Technicians

Video Technicians

Video has evolved to the point that most events have multiple video elements. These technicians have the skill and knowledge you need.

V1 - Video EngineerV2 - Video Assistant
Camara OperatorProjectionist
Graphics & Power PointVideo & Audio Record

Carpenters and Specialty Crew

Certified Rigger, Forklift Driver, Boom Lift Operators, Scaffolding Climbers.

On Call AV can custom build you a production crew for your next event .

We are ready to help your event a success! We provide complete staffing services.
From planning out your staffing needs, to finding your best-match crew members and to processing
employee payroll, On Cal AV can help you in every step of the event production process.

We have years of event production success. Let us add you to our list of happy clients.

On Call AV Can Help Make Your Event a Success!